A single use Tamper Evident Security Bag provides the perfect solution for transferring money, valuables, classified documents or items of value for clients such as CIT companies, courier services, security forces, government and legal institutions, credit card companies and banks.

These bags can be manufactured in any size to meet with local or international specifications and standards.

Tamper Evident:

Any attempt to tamper with the closed and sealed bag, in any known way, will leave unequivocal and unchangeable signs, these signs are clearly visible once tampered with.

Material Quality:

The envelope is produced from polyethylene plastic film. Several different options are available according to clients’ needs. Also available, is a co-extruded film, white on the external layer of the envelope and black on the internal layer, achieving complete optical opacity.


The bags are tailor-made to each client’s needs. We suggest having the fully opaque bags – black inside and white on the outside. The contents are thus not visible, even when the bag is held up to direct light. This prevents curiosity and temptation.


We supply a sealed tamper-evident bag, in which duty free purchases of liquids can be secured to allow transit passengers to escape the risk of confiscation. OCC |Plasto-Sac Duty Free bags are made of Transparent high impact Low Density Polyethylene.

Our security tape on the bags are a high tack pressure sensitive self adhesive with hidden wording to show if tampered with. These bags are made as per the international sizing standards, of small, medium and large.