Our production facilities offer a wide range of printed laminates and barrier materials, such as duplex, triplex or multilayer films, whereby the material combination is customised to the specific requirements of your product. Gravure and Flexographic printed and laminated materials such as BOPP, PET, PE, BOPA, BOPET, Aluminium Foil and Paper are used. We are experienced in supplying highly efficient reel materials for all kinds of Form-Fill and Seal (FFS) applications.

Our product range includes tailor made and off-the-shelf films for lamination applications.


Low thickness
Excellent sealing to various substrates: PVC, PET, PS, PE, PP.
Highly precise dimensions.
Low thickness and width tolerances.
Well controlled Coefficient Of Friction, ensuring good machinability.
Wide seal temperature range.
Full compliance with food contact regulations.
Good optical and mechanical properties.
Multi layers coextruded films.
Thickness range: 30-120 micron.
Width range: 350-1500 mm.

Used for:

Powdered drinks
All FMCG products