Forensic Evidence Bags:

Our evidence collection bags are suitable for forensics, crime scenes and private investigations. These bags come with the top of the range security features such as a waved seal on the side welding, multi-layered tape for additional security, tear off strips attached to the bag printed with the serial number and barcode of the bag.

A transparent film allowing for clear viewing of the crime scene evidence contents.

The bags comes in various sizes to suit different evidence collected at the crime scene.

Various Sizes of the Bags:

Bullet bags – for collecting ballistic evidence
A5 – DNA swaps / samples collected, small fire arms
A4 – Documentation
A3 – Case Files
A1 – various evidence
A0 – various evidence
A0+ – Clothing
Rifle bags – AK47 and rifles
LE – For larger exhibits
For specialised bags we can also tailor make sizes as per clients requirements.

Leaders in crime scene evidence sealing bags

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